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We are sure that all gents will agree that while one feels right at home in a suave suit, a classy watch and great pair of shoes, a tie is what gives one a feeling of confidence and power. Ties are an essential centrepiece to your outward presentation and a well selected one will leave you feeling more comfortable in various environments. So go on and make your selection from The Butler’s range of fine neckties.

Whether you need to perfect a look for that important client pitch or if you need to make a refined statement at a closed-door exclusive event, every gentleman should have a formal tie from The Butler in their wardrobe. Featuring an innovative take on traditional elements, our formal ties come in an array of patterns and colours. The Butler has managed to perfect the look of these ties – they are best described as understated and eye catching, while still maintaining that extra level of refinement seen in traditional formal ties.

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If you are indecisive about what kind of tie to choose, our solid colour ties are ideal, simply because these ties are so versatile! You just cannot go wrong with them. Looking elegant with almost any outfit, solid colour ties are a great place to start as they will help you understand your fashion tastes. The Butler’s solid colour ties come in both light and dark hues, allowing you to freely experiment with what colours suit you the best.

Product Details

Our neckties are stitched from 4 main fabric varieties. Starting off with pure cotton, you’ll find that most of our floral and close knit ties feature this timeless material. For gentlemen who like their neckties with some texture, the undeniable appeal of linen has driven us to stitch some floral and solid colour ties with this material. The Butler also uses a micro fiber material in some of our formal neckties as this gives off a soft lustre – ideal for the office environment. The creme de la creme of our ties feature a close knit premium wool material, mostly used in our solid colour and minimal pattern ties.

The Butler is undoubtedly the best place to shop for premium ties online. Making our mark on the men’s fashion and accessories realm in Sri Lanka, we offer a quality product to discerning gentlemen at the best prices. Be sure to check out our variety of cufflinks, wallets, belts and lapel pins too.