Formal Socks

Ask yourself this question, when planning your outfit for tomorrow’s busy day, do you often find yourself not giving much consideration to your socks? If your answer is yes, you are much like the majority of the world’s gentlemen. 

While it is true that socks are more of a functional and practical item over other elements in your wardrobe that express your individuality, they are vital for one to stay comfortable throughout the day. 

The Butler’s range of timeless socks come in two fabric varieties, cotton and bamboo. The absorbent qualities of cotton socks will get rid of any excess moisture and are ideal if you suffer from sensitive skin or other allergies. Bamboo socks are most suited for those who perspire excessively as the micro-gaps in the fibres make them more absorbent than cotton socks. Additionally, the presence of a natural antimicrobial agent ensures that your feet are kept odour and bacteria free.

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A true gentleman considers every element in his outfit, even the often overlooked pair of socks. We at The Butler Sri Lanka know this well and that is exactly why we have a comprehensive range of men’s fashion accessories which includes ties, cufflinks, wallets, belts and lapel pins. Our premium products are offered to you at the best prices online, without a compromise on quality.