Floral Ties

We are sure that all gents will agree that while one feels right at home in a suave suit, a classy watch and great pair of shoes, a tie is what gives one a feeling of confidence and power. Ties are an essential centerpiece to your outward presentation and a well selected one will leave you feeling more comfortable in various environments. So go on and make your selection from The Butler’s range of fine neckties.

Most gentlemen shy away from floral patterned neckties, simply because such a look can be difficult to pull off. The Butler’s solution to this was to re-invent the norms behind a floral tie. Our floral ties have minimal patterns, dotted with eye catching flashes of subtle contrasting colours. As a result, our customers can easily incorporate these floral ties into their wardrobe in a tasteful way. Sophisticated at the office or a formal event yet casual enough to dress down with a buttoned shirt and jeans, these ties are the epitome of fashionable versatility.

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Our neckties are stitched from 4 main fabric varieties. Starting off with pure cotton, you’ll find that most of our floral and close knit ties feature this timeless material. For gentlemen who like their neckties with some texture, the undeniable appeal of linen has driven us to stitch some floral and solid colour ties with this material. The Butler also uses a micro fiber material in some of our formal neckties as this gives off a soft lustre – ideal for the office environment. The creme de la creme of our ties feature a close knit premium wool material, mostly used in our solid colour and minimal pattern ties.

The Butler is undoubtedly the best place to shop for premium ties online. Making our mark on the men’s fashion and accessories realm in Sri Lanka, we offer a quality product to discerning gentlemen at the best prices. Be sure to check out our variety of cuff-links, wallets, belts and lapel pins too.