The smallest details are often what can make or break the carefully curated impression of yourself that you wish to project through your outfit. This is something that most gents have come to understand, yet more often than not, cufflinks always get overlooked and are almost viewed as underrated elements.

However, this little unassuming detail is exactly what will help you bridge the gap between casual and formal. Accessorizing with an elegant pair of cufflinks from The Butler is sure to make your outfit come together in style.

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Materials and Craftsmanship

Crafted from stainless steel and other metal alloys, cufflinks from The Butler are sure to draw a subtle amount of attention to any gentleman who chooses to wear them. A range of minimal and aesthetically pleasing designs guarantee that something will catch your fancy.

From a Monday morning meeting, to a Friday evening formal gathering, these cufflinks will always feel right at home on the cuffs of your shirt. No matter what level of formality you’re searching for, The Butler has the perfect pair for you.

In the past, cufflinks were nothing more than functional elements that filled in for the job of a button. Now however, they are becoming the one accessory that brings out an unmatched level of finesse.

While there are other online stores out there that sell cufflinks, none of them compare to the offerings from The Butler. Uncompromising quality, premium materials and a unique design language sets our cufflinks apart from the rest. Do check out our range of other men’s fashion accessories such as our ties, wallets, belts and lapel pins, all at the best prices in Sri Lanka.