For a gentleman, the humble belt is a necessity. However, leather belts from The Butler aren’t just a functional piece. Serving as a great finishing element, these belts will add a subtle and refined splash of colour, creating a break from your midsection.

Often seen as a hallmark in the wardrobe of a modern man, the leather belts from The Butler will stand the test of time as a functional yet stylistic accessory.

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Materials and Craftsmanship

In terms of our leather belts, we offer two varieties. For every day wear, we produce belts crafted from suede with a layer of skin applied on top to give off a glossy shine. If you are an echelon of class, The Butler’s premium line of full grain leather belts with their unmatched finish will appeal to you the most.

All of our leather products are expertly crafted with fine attention to details, ensuring that every surface and every stitch stimulates a visual and tactile feel of luxury.

Priding ourselves on providing the best in terms of men’s fashion for Sri Lanka and beyond, these minimal leather wallets and belts from The Butler will idyllically pair with our range of accessories which include ties, cufflinks and lapel pins. Shop our entire premium range online for the best prices without a compromise on quality.